The Beginning

I completed the conversation five star assignment! I chose a conversation between Frida and Anika in California. Frida and her husband joined a Community run by her brother, and this is a fairly long conversation between the two friends about how the Community became afraid of the color red. This was one of the most dramatic and interesting conversations in the novel, and it made me sympathize with Anika a lot more. This conversation is on pages 224-231 for those of you who have the novel!

I’ll just say that this audio tape took a lot of different recordings simply because I had to split it up every time someone new talked so that editing pitch would be a lot easier! Here are a few of my scattered files! I came up with a numbering system (Frida is always the first number, so Frida1, Anika1, Frida2, etc is the correct order) and this made editing so easy!

I used QuickTime Player to record, and of course it saved in a m4a file (which I had never even heard of before now) and Audacity was being funny about it. I had to Google how to convert the files to mp3, and luckily I could quickly use iTunes to complete this unexpected task!

To make the conversation sound like two different people (well, three if you count Burke’s single line) I changed the pitch. I always saw Anika as more masculine than Frida, so I kept my original voice for her. I increased Frida’s pitch by 10% to make her sound like someone else. This was simple to do on Audacity once I learned how.

I went into this assignment expecting to spend about half an hour creating a two minute conversation, but I ended up spending two hours creating a 8.5 minute clip! I did add some sad music during one of Anika’s longer stories and some chatter at the end to signal why they stop talking (they can’t talk when other people are around), but I otherwise did not add sounds. A key part of their relationship is that they both wake up before everyone else to bake together. It is dark and silent, so I wanted their voices to be the main focus.

This assignment finishes up my twelve stars for the week, and it is my favorite one by far! You can listen to my creation below!

Note: If for whatever reason you can’t listen to the embedded audio, listen here instead!

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  1. Martha - April 16, 2018 at 4:39 pm Reply

    This is the kind of assignment that seems easy, but then, to do it really well, you discover how complex it can be. Nice work with the different voices. I had a little trouble telling them apart at first, but then I caught on. I like the layering of music too and other sound effects.

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