Revisiting the Apocalypse

There have been several assignments that I have commented on saying I would like to work on it again or change something, and I’m glad we were given that opportunity this week! During week four, I worked on the Juxtapose assignment (VisualAssignment2172), which shows either a person or thing that has survived the apocalypse. You […]

A Zom5ie Story

I will post my zom5ie story first so that you can interpret it before I give anything away!    Here are the spoilers!   This story is featuring my sister and my dog. The first image depicts a normal life with a girl and her dog. Then, a zombie suddenly comes out of the closet. […]

Individual Differences

Before and After Above I have linked to my before and after (well, after and before) pictures of the apocalypse. I took the before picture in a brightly lit room, looked directly at the camera, and smiled. This is what would be considered a “normal” picture, and is what everyone would expect. For the after […]