Wrap9ing Up

I greatly appreciated the lower quantity of assignments this semester, especially since I have so many essays, readings, and tests coming up in my other classes! I completed three Daily Creates, and this week they were much more spread out than they usually are. In fact, I feel like I have done so little work […]

Radio Show Completion!

At 9:00pm last night, Apocalyptic Airwave aired on┬áDS106 Radio! I tuned in about fifteen minutes early, and it was strange going from what sounded like a professional radio show to what my group and I had created seamlessly. Joshua and I were both on Twitter to answer questions, but there were not too many asked! […]

Revisiting the Apocalypse

There have been several assignments that I have commented on saying I would like to work on it again or change something, and I’m glad we were given that opportunity this week! During week four, I worked on the Juxtapose assignment (VisualAssignment2172), which shows either a person or thing that has survived the apocalypse. You […]