Design in the Library

I walked around Simpson Library on campus, and was able to find alignment, hierarchy, contrast, proximity, and color on the first floor! See my entire post here, but I will add each picture individually on this post so I can talk about them!

  1. Alignment

Each aisle in the library is equally spaced apart, giving it a clean appearance. The picture does not show what is on the right, but most would be able to guess that there are other aisles directly to the right of the aisles depicted. If these aisles were in random locations, this assumption would not be realistic.

2. Hierarchy

Just by quickly glancing at this poster, I know exactly what the sign is telling me, and all I read was “shelving cart” and “do not re-shelve.” The most important part of the message is in a larger and thicker font. Additionally, it is higher up on the poster, which Adobe Web suggests.

3. Contrast

When I think of contrast, I immediately think of colors like black and white. However, I noticed that this section has a contrast between new and old. The books on the right are obviously worn and used, and the ones on the left are much newer. This provides a dramatic contrast. I also noted that the older books tend to be brownish, while the new ones are either black or colorful.

4. Proximity

This cartoon used proximity to organize the layout of the story. Without the boxes around each scene, it would be very confusing to figure out what is happening in which order. It declutters the entire poster and presents the information in a clear way.

5. Color

This small section of the library would look extremely plain without the desk and carpet. There are dark blues, browns, and whites in a majority of the image, but the few reds are what drew my attention immediately. Adobe said that red brings emotions like anger, but I see this red as excitement. Libraries are not generally the funnest of places, but I am always drawn to completing my homework in the corner with red.

I was expecting this assignment to take a lot longer than it actually did. I did not think it would be possible to find five of the eight elements in one location, but I did! I found it fun to search for these elements in unconventional things, such as books. I looked at a few other’s DesignBlitz pictures, and so many of them were amazing photos, but I would not change the ones I took. I love the theme of the library, since it demonstrates how these elements really are anywhere; even the library.

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