Winifred’s Place

I tried to base Winifred’s appearance loosely on the picture that I used for her on my previous post:

The goal was to make her appear kind and approachable in order to match her friendly and loving personality.

I placed Winifred in front of her house, which I also identified in my post¬†introducing her. I thought it would be appropriate for her to be near her house since this is where she became the person she is today. Winifred’s parents helped her become a considerate person everyone wants to be around, and even in her father’s illness, she still loves him and cares for him. It is hard to tell if, in the case of the apocalypse or some other emergency, Winifred would be able to leave her home, or her father. This house contains so many memories that it would be difficult to ever let it go.

It was fun to create Winifred using Hero Machine, especially deciding the color of her clothing, and having the ability to customize even the buttons on her shirt and the buckles on her boots. After I finished creating my character, I used Canva (which I love the simplicity of) in order to place her near her home. I thought about editing the image to make it brighter or darker, but I thought that Winifred should initially be located with a clean image of her home.

This (should) demonstrate the unawareness of any lies or exaggerations that occur in the world around her, and an overall innocence to the world. Her perspective that everyone is kind and that her father, whose personality has changed dramatically since an illness, is still the same kind man he once was in some form, is skewed, but is not one that anyone wants to take away.



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  1. Rachel Melvin - February 23, 2018 at 5:03 pm Reply

    I really liked reading this post and all of the thought that you put into creating your character. It really shows that you enjoy the novel you’re reading. Also! I agree with you about both Hero Machine and Canva; they are both so fun to use!

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