Creating Assignments Daily

I decided to suggest two daily creates, and you can suggest your own here. They have not been published and I didn’t think to screenshot my submissions before submitting, so I’ll describe them!

The first one used a random animal generator to choose two animals. A sketch is then drawn combining the two animals, and the new species is named! Here is the example I created: 

This is a combination of a duckbill platypus and an elephant, or a platyphant!

My second submission used a random word generator, where someone would use the first word they generated to create a haiku!

In my example, the word was appointment:

Appointment is now

I waited so long for this

Is my food ready?

Of course, that haiku may not be exactly what I wrote, but I am going off memory! I leaned towards random generators for my daily creates to force diversity in the possible responses, and they’re fun to use! I thought of previous daily creates I have completed, and a lot of them involved something artistic. Anything artsy is not my strong suit, but sometimes it’s fun to create things that are laughable (especially if it’s the example everyone would see)! I love how different people can create daily creates (and media assignments) and it completely explains the diversity in each day’s assignment!

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