A Zom5ie Story

I will post my zom5ie story first so that you can interpret it before I give anything away!


Here are the spoilers!


This story is featuring my sister and my dog.

The first image depicts a normal life with a girl and her dog. Then, a zombie suddenly comes out of the closet. The girl runs away, with the dog nowhere in sight. She has left her pet behind in order to save herself. It is two years later, and the dog never left that room. She waited for her human after all that time, alone. In the last photo, the girl returns to her house, and is happy to be reunited with her dog. She is also surprised that her dog was able to survive for all those years alone.

I found it easy to create the story I wanted, but I found the creation of the second photo difficult. I downloaded an app with zombie faces, but it lowered the resolution when I saved it, making it a slightly lower quality. I hope that it was obvious what story the pictures told. If I had to change an image, it would probably be the fourth one. I tried to take a picture with my dog looking more sad, but thinking back, I could have had the zombie on the floor in the background to tell how the dog was able to survive.

I would do this assignment again and found it fun!

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