Individual Differences

Before and After

Above I have linked to my before and after (well, after and before) pictures of the apocalypse. I took the before picture in a brightly lit room, looked directly at the camera, and smiled. This is what would be considered a “normal” picture, and is what everyone would expect.

For the after picture, I went into the basement, where I have colored lights. I made sure that the light was fairly dark because I wanted the lower quality picture. This is symbolic of the lower quality life that comes with living in a post-apocalyptic world. I also looked away from the camera and kept a serious face in order to show that it is impossible to pose for a smile even for a few seconds.

These are what I would consider “good” and “bad” pictures of myself. The quality of the second one almost forces me to find better lighting and to follow the tips that were given, but that would be the least of my worries if I were escaping zombies, so I decided to keep these two images without altering them.

I found this assignment easy once I decided which pictures to take, but the planning portion of it took me some time. I had to decide what to take a picture of, and I decided myself, but then I had to figure out how I could make myself look completely different. I made my hair messy for the after picture, but other than that, I used lighting (or the lack of it), as well as my facial expressions to display the state of the entire world. I found the Juxtapose website fun to use, and would love to use it again in future assignments!



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