Revisiting the Apocalypse

There have been several assignments that I have commented on saying I would like to work on it again or change something, and I’m glad we were given that opportunity this week! During week four, I worked on the Juxtapose assignment (VisualAssignment2172), which shows either a person or thing that has survived the apocalypse. You can see my original creation and post here. This is not one of the assignments I immediately wanted to redo, but I later realized that I 1) could embed the Juxtapose into my post, rather than linking it, and 2) the effect would be better if I was in a similar position. Below is a screenshot of my original one (I cannot embed it because the code is long lost).

I liked the green lighting and change in expression, but I was in no way facing the same way, which is not really a juxtapose. I also put the after picture on the left, which was a mistake!

For my redo, I used a sliding glass door as the background so that it would be completely white. I took the before picture in typical lighting, and smiled. In the after picture, I turned off the main lights, closed the curtain behind me, and turned on the colored lights to have a slight green effect. I liked the green color better this time because something just seems off about the lighting, rather than it looking like what it is (a green light above me).

My original goal was to perfectly align the two photos, but that did not work out with the effect I wanted in the individual pictures. I wanted the after picture to be more face-focused because that is the area that is noticeably off (well, that and my messed up hair). For the before picture, I wanted it to obviously be a happy picture that I took of myself, and those are generally zoomed out a bit more! I do think that it mostly aligns (and it took me a while to compare the many pictures I took to see which two mostly lined up and both had the effects I wanted), and I am happy with my new outcome!

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  1. Joshua Jenkins - March 21, 2018 at 7:57 pm Reply

    Before this assignment I didn’t know what the word Juxtapose even meant, but now I do. I feel that you embodied what juxtapose is in your recreation of your assignment. Like you said the contours of your face in the first picture didn’t really match up and not really capturing the whole juxtapose idea, but I feel you definitely nailed the juxtapose idea on the second picture, good job!!!!

    • Samara - March 24, 2018 at 2:06 pm Reply

      Thank you! I had no clue either! I was thinking of the juxtaposition that I learned in English class in high school, but the assignment was fun and I learned something!

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