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Scher and Carson both made me question my definition of design. Some of the “designs” that they showed seemed like everyday things to me.

When looking at this image from Scher’s talk, I simply saw a t-shirt. Of course, I knew that shirts have to be created, but I had not seen it as a design or work of art.



This image from Carson’s talk seemed like a mistake. I was unable to figure out what it was marketing until I was told, and the white space seemed like a waste of money. However, I realized that this design caused me to spend a lot more time thinking about this billboard than I probably would have had it just said “pecans.”




Although both of the individuals giving these talks have very different experiences with design, I found their message similar. Art (or design) is not just paintings or pretty images. It is what we create when we have no clue what we are doing. I loved when Scher talked about how the best work is the work we are unqualified for. Design should have some effort put into it, but it should also be a more natural process than painting every detail of an image. I have never thought of myself as artsy or creative, but these two Ted Talks seemed to say that you do not have to be either of those things in order to become a designer.

In contrasting the two talks, Scher’s work seemed to be a lot more about moving away from “normal” on purpose, while Carson simply took interest in things that were different. Their videos seemed to be more similar than different (although, I must admit that I found Scher much more engaging than Carson).

Canva was fun to play with, and I loved all seven tutorials I did (Beginner’s Challenge, Font Pairing Basics, Color Relationships, Creative Background Tools, Starting with Scale, Canva Shortcuts Part 1, and Enhancing Images). The instructions said to pick ones that were unfamiliar to me, but that was the case for all of the tutorials. I especially loved Canva Shortcuts Part 1, where I learned how to capitalize every word by clicking a few keys and putting a box around text. Canva reminds me of an easier Photoshop, which I never quite figured out, so I look forward to using it throughout this week! My confidence has certainly gone up since I saw that this week will be all about design.

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  1. Taylor Malone - February 24, 2018 at 7:47 pm Reply

    I seriously loved learning how to use Canva and it really lifted my confidence as well. Loved this post!

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