Radio Show Completion!

At 9:00pm last night, Apocalyptic Airwave aired on DS106 Radio! I tuned in about fifteen minutes early, and it was strange going from what sounded like a professional radio show to what my group and I had created seamlessly. Joshua and I were both on Twitter to answer questions, but there were not too many asked! The main one that two listeners asked were whether or not two years had passed. When writing the script, we tried to add consistent music to show that a flashback was occurring and it was mentioned that “the first two years” on the farm were consistent, but we did not explicitly say “two years have passed.” Even though there was some confusion, I think our choice to not make it obvious made it more exciting and engaged the audience more.

Overall, the audience did a great job at connecting the points that I hoped would not be lost, such as the note that Carson was carrying around and was eventually read.

There were several compliments on the sound effects, so thank you Joshua for editing those together! It was a lot more fun than I had imagined to listen to my group’s radio show with some other people from that class. The story was new to everyone who had not created it, so the reactions were a lot more authentic. Taylor did a great job writing and acting out the letter! It almost made me tear up, and I had already heard it several times.

On Tuesday night, I tuned into Girl’s Guide and Eagle Report. My intention was to only listen to Girl’s Guide, but I couldn’t stop myself from listening to the next one! Plus, I had no reason to wake up early the next morning. I found it amazing how we all received the same assignment, but approached it in extremely different ways and incorporated the emerging evidence differently.

There were several direct connections I could make to the class and the novel I read, California.

I likely won’t tune in live to any other radio shows, but I will be listening to all of them once they are posted on the website! For those of you who missed Apocalyptic Airwave last night, you can listen to it below!


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  1. Taylor - March 25, 2018 at 9:03 pm Reply

    You did such a wonderful job on the script. Thank you so much for all your help. You were a leader for our group and that I appreciate! Overall, we all did great with our parts and I am so happy with our radio show!

  2. Samara - March 25, 2018 at 10:12 pm Reply

    I’m happy with it as well! Alex’s letter was amazing!

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