Recording the End

Although I spent my spring break working and doing homework, a lot of my group members actually had fun! This made it difficult to collaborate, but we still managed to get a lot done.

However, break is now over, and the real work has begun for our radio show! The script was completed yesterday (well, really this morning), and we recorded nearly the entire show today! All we need left are a few more commercials for our mini breaks and a few small chunks of the script, but we are otherwise ready to edit!

I rented a Tascam DR40 Audio Recorder from the HCC to record our script, and after a few minutes of figuring out how to work it, the audio turned out fantastic! There is no background noise (other than some sounds of the device being moved around for each person to talk, but we should be able to edit those sounds out).

None of us have too much background in editing beyond this class (which is proven by it taking us 30-90 minutes to create a 15 second bumper), so our goal is to meet again before this weekend to edit it together. I won’t give anything away, but the audience is in for some pretty interesting commercials!

Our radio show is coming together quickly, and I look forward to hearing our (and everyone else’s) final result.

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