Telling the End – Week One

The ball is starting to roll for my group’s radio show. For some reason, I expected everyone in my group to be as boring as me and stay home during break (I’m jealous of all who are traveling!), so I thought a lot more work would get done during break. I have created a Google Doc and compiled a description of everyone’s characters (thank you Joshua for giving me one!), and I ended up finding a lot of common themes.

Two of our characters grew up on farms, another one knows her way around nature. Three have strong family ties, and all have some sort of passion. I think all of these similarities will tie in nicely to create an apocalyptic story. Although we are not as far along as I would like to be in the story, Joshua and I have bounced some ideas back and forth. Our radio show will (likely) be a story about how each of our characters came together and survived. A few snippets will probably be audio tapes that we were somehow able to make during the apocalypse (perhaps we found a recording device), and the rest will take place once civilization will be restored.

Although there is no final name for our show and my idea about living on a farm has not been finalized, I created a promo poster with my ideas. The great thing about Canva is that if my name idea is not what we decide on, I can easily change it!

I looked up radio posters online, and found many of them to be bright and colorful. While those look nice, I don’t think a bright orange would represent the emotion of the apocalypse well. It was fun messing with the opacity, fonts, and blurriness options until I finished with this poster. It has the (proposed) name, a basic description, and the link to the radio show. I am happy with this poster, and do not think I would change anything about it. Unless, of course, we decide on a name change.

Overall, I wish we were a little bit further than we currently are. I have noticed that a few other groups are set on a name and already have a theme they are using for their script, but spring break has slowed us down a bit. We will have to work a lot harder after break if we are not able to get a script done by the end of this week when we meet up, but I think we will be able to finish on time and create a high quality radio show! I am excited to find out exactly what our show will be and how we will use audio to convey what words cannot.

Edit: I have just completed my radio bumper! It took me much longer to make than it should have (mostly because I had to learn how to record audio from my screen and there are so many options on Free Sound, but I am happy with the end product! I ended up using Oddcast for the speaking parts, and downloaded the middle sound from Free Sound! Once I had the three pieces, it was very easy to put them together on Audacity.

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  1. Joshua Jenkins - March 5, 2018 at 12:26 am Reply

    Tell it!!! I feel that even though we may be behind a slight bit compared to other groups. I think pressure and tight time frames usually brings the best ideas out. Progression is the key to success, and atleast we are making process!!!

    • Samara - March 5, 2018 at 1:19 am Reply

      Exactly! I wasn’t planning on making the radio bumper today, but I’m glad I did! I feel much better about where we are now.

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