Apocalyptic Airwave Streaming on Video!

Plotagon is amazingly fun! This (free) program lets you pick characters, scenes, dialogue, and emotion to create stories. It took me a while to figure out how to add four characters because only two can be shown at a single time. Once I figured that out, it was simple to create this video! Exporting it, however, has been a difficult process and is ongoing as I write this post.

I chose the four star assignment, Animated Classic Reading, but I decided to slightly twist the requirements (I hope that’s allowed!) I saw this assignment as the perfect opportunity to involve my group’s apocalyptic narrative! Besides, the Apocalyptic Airwave radio show may be a classic one day. I had to make Joan into Jonas due to there only being two males and two females in the free version and I cut out a lot of the flashbacks (making the video a reasonable length), but everything they say is exactly from the script! It definitely meets the dramatic reading requirement of the assignment, even if I cut out many of the background stories.

I am so in love with this program, and I have no doubt I will use it again in the future. If I had to change anything, I would change their voices. The women sound so much more monotone than the men, which takes away some of the emotion that this script has. There was also not a good place to face the camera during Alex’s speech because (since I can only have two characters in a scene at a time) only Carson and an invisible woman were there. I did not want to reveal the whole table because I try to make it appear as if hey are all sitting together, but if I zoomed out, it would reveal that Carson is alone. There are likely some tutorials on what to do about this on YouTube, but I ended up going with my best judgement instead.

I know we are supposed to upload via YouTube, but I cannot for the life of me figure out how to export the video other than by putting it onto Twitter or Facebook. I tweeted the video (which you can watch below), or you can go to this link (that for some reason will not embed). Regardless of the difficulty exporting, which is probably an issue from me and not Plotagon, I would suggest everyone check it out!

Edit: Twenty hours later, it uploaded to YouTube! Here is a third way to view my video below

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  1. Martha - April 3, 2018 at 1:34 am Reply

    I have never heard of this site before! It reminds me of a site called extranormal that shut down years ago. I was super bummed when it went away, so I’m excited you found this!

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