Baby, baby, baby

I chose Children of Men as my second movie. This was about a world in which everyone is infertile, and no babies have been born in eighteen years. Britain is the only country that has a high standard of living, and immigration is greatly looked down upon. However, a woman who is not a British citizen becomes pregnant and has to find a way onto a ship to escape to safety. The people she originally thought were helping her ended up wanting to use the infant as a symbol for their revolution, which they termed The Uprising. A man, Theo, then journeys with the new mother to save her child. I found this movie interesting, and can see it happening in the not so distant future. Although, I think that if someone were pregnant in a world without infants, she would not be fearful of her citizenship status. Being taken advantage of is one thing, but the government would probably see that baby as a prized possession, much like Baby Diego was.

I completed the “Supercut It” assignment to go with the movie, and used the word “baby” because of how often I noticed them saying it. As I pieced together every time they said baby, I discovered that those one-second snippets reveal the plot of the story in themselves by the urgency in which the word is being said. While I am mostly happy with the outcome of the video, there were some difficulties creating it.

I was only able to watch the movie on StarzEncore (or something like that. I do not often use an actual TV, but I was unable to stream it on my computer), so I had to record the TV. This caused difficulties such as the audio being quieter, and a glare. I tried to fix the glare by blocking off the windows with blankets (as the curtains are partially see-through), but that still left some light on the screen. Although, it was not nearly as noticeable as it had been before.

I also faced the issue of my dogs barking every time any creature with four legs was on the screen, so they eventually found themselves locked in my room for about ten minutes while I finished recording.

If I could change anyway, I would find some way to record the TV directly so the problems that come with recording a TV with a cellphone wouldn’t be there.

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  1. Joshua Jenkins - April 7, 2018 at 3:45 am Reply

    I actually thought of watching this movie. Is it any good. Hey you gotta do what you gotta do when trying to grab your video, good way of thinking outside the box. I really liked your clip of baby, baby, baby. Hold on a minute……..did someone say baby. Good supercut, I decided to do a supercut as well after watching how good you had made yours. Good Job!!!!!

    • Samara - April 7, 2018 at 7:40 pm Reply

      The movie was pretty good, but the ending was not satisfying at all!! I felt as though it stopped short, and I definitely wanted to know more. I think “10 Cloverfield Lane” was better, but I don’t regret watching “Children of Men.”

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