Easter Egg Letter

I decided to complete the moving object assignment! The directions specified using Vine, which I have never used before. When I searched for it in the app store, there was only Vine Camera. Apparently Vine is gone! I used the Vine Camera app to create this short video, and it was a lot more difficult than I thought it would be! I wanted to tie this assignment into my group’s radio show, so I printed out the letter Alex wrote for Carson right before her death after I converted the font to something more similar to handwriting. I then went outside to make it look as though the paper were falling down. The only problem? It is currently windy outside, and the paper goes flying without me doing anything other than recording, which was not the assignment!

I still wanted to use this paper, but now it was wrinkled and I was not sure how a paper can just move by itself inside. Then, I remembered that I found half of an easter egg yesterday, and they’re round! I twisted this random easter egg I found to become symbolic. The letter is referenced several times in the Apocalyptic Airwave radio show before it is revealed what the paper means or says, so it’s sort of like an easter egg that you find in games! Only we eventually tell you, so I’m not so sure it counts as one.

It took me about four tries to record this four-second video. On the last try, I propped up my phone (the camera was moving before between scenes, which took away from the effect) and it turned out much better than my previous attempts! Of course, as I am typing this, I realized that the first scene is leftover from my previous attempt (Oh, the pain of learning a new app!) If I were to redo this assignment, that is what I would change. However, it is otherwise perfect and is much better than my other attempts (and I already uploaded it to YouTube) so I will not redo it. Reminder to self: watch the replay on your camera roll, not in the Vine Camera app where you think the leftover is just from my previous attempt. It was also difficult for the egg to appear as if it were rolling because the paper caused it to tilt in a direction I didn’t want it to. Each snippet took a while to try to keep the egg still, but I think it looks like it’s really rolling!

I initially thought it was funny that this assignment was 3.5 stars because it seemed so simple! However, it was more difficult than I expected it to be; though I am happy with the outcome.

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  1. Joshua Jenkins - April 6, 2018 at 11:42 pm Reply

    I know the struggle of using a new app to try and get the end product you are going for. I definitely have not used this app before and I feel I would have the same problems you had if not more because I don’t have any patience. Overall I think you did a good job, and I loved that you used our note from our show as an easter egg.

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