Everyone’s Favorite Food

I decided to complete the two minute silent documentary assignment (VideoAssignments2032). There were so many things I could choose from and I would love to show what I do at work, but 1) the school district I work for is on spring break and 2) I cannot take videos or photos of the students I work with anyway, let alone have my phone out. So, as I was getting ready to make and eat dinner, I decided to create a how-to for cooking box mac and cheese. Yes, they give the instructions on the box and the fact that I eat this frequently is probably questionable at my age, but can anyone really deny that mac and cheese was not their favorite food at some point in their life?

Recording the process was not terribly difficult, but there were some troubles. Holding a camera and recording water boiling is extremely uneventful, and you can tell that the person recording is switching a few times as I went to go feed my dogs, grab something from the fridge, etc. I also cannot believe that some of the cheese did not make it into the pot! I was looking at my phone (which is what I used to record) to make sure the angle was right, and that makes pouring cheese a lot more difficult than you would think!

I used iMovie to add the images at the beginning and end, and to vary the speed of the video so that it would be about two minutes long (and so you wouldn’t have to stare at boiling water for so long). This process probably took me no more than fifteen minutes, which is less time than creating the raw video took! I am overall happy with the outcome, although I wish I hadn’t spilled that cheese.

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