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Although the post said that La Jetée is told mostly in images, I still found myself surprised when there actually were moments of silence. Not only that, but I found myself paying more attention, and feeling more interested, when there was no narrating.

I noticed many of the images of people had very dark backgrounds. When their faces were not covered by an object, they were covered by the darkness. I think that these dark images portraying serious emotion brought much more meaning to the story than a typical documentary or movie could have. However, I noticed that once talking began, I was suddenly disinterested in what was going on. I was so focused on reading the subtitles (since I know no French) that the story, which is truly told through the images with the support of words, was losing its meaning. It was not what I believe to be a “typical” video, but images speak louder than words.

I decided to watch The Road mostly because it is on Netflix, but I ended up enjoying it. Netflix tells me I have watched it before, but I didn’t remember any of it. I decided to make a gif of the old man saying “…whoever made humanity will find no humanity here. No sir.” because this entire movie was about a lack of humanity. It was originally stated in the movie that there were no more plants or animals. It was only humans, but they were doing inhumane things. Starvation, stealing, and cannibalism were no longer strange. It was every living being for itself, whether that be the young boy, the old man, or the beetle that was later found.

Fire is shown in this gif, and is thought to be something that represents man. However, it also represents destruction. Humanity is not just to be a person. It is to have compassion for others, which was almost nonexistent, except for the boy who was referred to by an angel and a god by the old man and his father. When people are forced to fight for their lives constantly, compassion seems to leave them; and only animals remain.

A lot of this movie focused either up close on people’s faces or further away, showing mostly the landscape of emptiness. This scene seemed to have a close up on people and focusing on nature at the same time, which I think tied in nicely with the metaphorical comment that there is no humanity present, even though they are literally two humans talking.


I’d like to point out that I was totally creative to get the video for this gif! I played Netflix on one computer, connected to that computer with another laptop using TeamViewer, and then recorded the screen on the second computer to get around Netflix stopping the movie when it detects a recording device. (So if you haven’t completed this assignment yet and happen to have two computers, that’s probably a bit easier than hoping the scene you want is on YouTube.)

I think this may have been one of my favorite assignments simply because I loved the movie! I was able to watch it without taking too many notes, which allowed me to sit back and enjoy it and then put the pieces together. I would love to see more assignments similar to this in the future!

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  1. Casey - February 8, 2018 at 10:18 pm Reply

    I really enjoyed this post of yours! You explained La Jetée great. Even though we all have to write up this same blog post yours is highly entertaining. The gif you created at the bottom amazed me. Great Job!

  2. Taylor - February 9, 2018 at 7:53 pm Reply

    Nice post! I agree with your analysis of La Jetée. I also was convinced to watch The Road just by your blog post. Currently watching it now!

  3. Joshua Jenkins - February 11, 2018 at 5:17 am Reply

    I enjoyed your post so much that I decided to watch the movie The Road as well. I really liked your interpreation of it and the GIF you had used to show that even the dad had no humanity left in him, and the GIF was fitting for them carrying on the fire. Good Job!!!!

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