Locke(ness) Interview

I found this assignment surprisingly easy to put together! I first decided on the five questions I would answer and wrote down the times in the original video to make editing easier later. One of my two difficulties was finding a place to record. It’s a dark day outside, so I had to rely on indoor lighting, which I always have difficulties with. I eventually settled for my room because it’s in a basement, so it has a creepy large window, and there are several lights and lamps!

After I recorded the first question using OBS and replayed it, I realized it was not recording my sound at all. I recorded the question again, and this time the audio was severely delayed and a low quality. I eventually used QuickTime to record and the audio was much better. Although, I move around a lot so you can hear the earbud microphones bumping into my hair a few times.

Answering the questions themselves was fun and I made a point not to plan out what I would say! My dream and the last time I ate cow products are both completely true, so hopefully these are not symptoms of the end!

I used iMovie to combine my video with the original, and this was easy to do. I have now used iMovie several times and I think I have the hang of it! If I changed anything about the video, I would probably say “um” less. It’s something that seems so normal to say while I’m thinking, but it seems so excessive when it’s in video. Maybe that’s just because I’m paying attention to it, though!

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