The Marshmallow Men

I told a story using flashcards! I have seen flashcard stories, but they have always been extremely sad and personal stories. This assignment allowed for any kind of story, so I made one up. I wrote whatever came to me first, and I must have been hungry because it ended up being about food! Once the script was written on Word, I grabbed a marker and index cards and wrote everything down! I regret not writing a bit larger, but I think everything can be clearly read.

Recording was simple enough, and I downloaded the audio from FreeSound, but something strange happened when I tried to save what I had on iMovie. The original video file disappeared (okay, I probably deleted it, but I didn’t see it in my trash), and the iMovie was failing to save my final product. I had already crumbled up the index cards, so I did not want to record it again. I eventually realized that I could make the video full screen within iMovie since I could still preview it there, and I recorded my screen so that I had a new file of the video. When I added the audio to the new video file, it worked!

The story is silly, but editing took a lot longer than I thought it would considering that I only had to add two audio clips to the video!

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