Cal.ifornia Finsta

I created a finsta (fake Instagram) for Cal, a character in California.

I decided on the username “cal.ifornia2” to incorporate both Cal’s name, who the page belongs to, and the name of the novel. Micah, Frida’s brother and Cal’s friend, calls Cal “California,” so I think the username process went well! The number is just because cal.ifornia was already taken!

The bio was not difficult at all. I made sure to use the first person, and it makes the latest picture more obvious. I used pixabay to find the seven pictures (the six posted and the profile picture). I immediately thought to add a run-down shack, which they originally lived in before they moved to their previous neighbor’s house. I then chose the river because Frida spent a lot of time there washing clothes and thinking. Although Cal rarely went over there, Frida meant a lot to him, so I think his Instagram page would be full of images related to her.

The third (black and white) picture is one of Frida. I wanted a picture of a woman in the woods since that is where they lived, but I struggled to find a picture with a woman the age I wanted. Although I would have preferred a picture with color, the age of the woman and background of a tree was more important to me in capturing Cal’s wife.

Once Cal and Frida join the Community, Cal is often invited into Micah’s treehouse. I wanted an older looking but functional treehouse, and this picture was it! Micah’s community had limited resources, but everything they had always served its purpose. Frida and Cal also argued a lot about what Cal was doing in these treehouse talks since he was not allowed to tell her, and this leads to the next picture.

Frida made friends with the woman who ran the bakery, and she was eventually given the privilege of cooking bread. At the time, Cal and Frida were not speaking a lot, but he was still extremely proud of her for making friends and being able to do what she loved again: bake.

The last picture is toward the end of the novel, when Frida is much further along and they are living in a new community. The description for this picture states “Julie and Gray,” which are Cal and Frida’s new names in this community.

You can see the Instagram page here to view the individual pictures and descriptions!

I was able to use my phone number to create this account, so it was a fairly simple four star assignment!

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  1. Joshua Jenkins - April 14, 2018 at 1:44 am Reply

    If you didn’t tell me it was fake I would of never known. I really liked how you tied in little parts/pictures of the events of their new lives. The bread in the picture was all up in my face, made me really want so freggin bread. Good Job on this assignment you definitely knocked it out of the park.

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