Finis – The Better Ending

The ending we know:

It seemed to Eastwood the cry of the perishing world. He held her in his arms and kissed her wet, tremulous face that was strained to his.

The twilight was gone before they knew it. The sky was blue already, with crimson flakes mounting to the zenith, and the heat was growing once more intense.

“This is the end, Alice,” said Eastwood, and his voice trembled.

She looked at him, her eyes shining with an unearthly softness and brilliancy, and turned her face to the east.

There, in crimson and orange, flamed the last dawn that human eyes would ever see.

The alternate ending:

“This is the end, Alice,” said Eastwood, and his voice trembled.

However, they they did not know that hundreds of scientists had predicted that the new sun would cause the end of the world, and had spent the past few decades creating deep underground, and advanced, bunkers.

Alice and Eastwood were the last to feel the fresh air and see the light from the sun, but many survived. It has been one-hundred years since the end, and it feels as though nothing is missing. Everyone may be underground, but they have farms, houses, even pools.

The bunkers have dramatically improved from when they were first created, and it seems as if they go deeper each time they are expanded to escape the heat even more so, but nobody pays much attention to that. Society was run much the same as it had been before, only now the “sun” consists of many lightbulbs that act as a sun, allowing plants to grow. There is a maximum population allowed, but the limit on children has not seem to have been a problem so far. Everyone is thankful to be one of the last humans on the planet, and nobody wants to break the new set of laws that were created with the bunkers.

The sun, moon, and sky are from another lifetime, similarly to how dinosaurs were not a reality for Alice and Eastwood. Everyone knows they existed, but has not experienced what it is like to live with them, so they are not truly missed. No human will ever step foot outside again, but not even a central sun can stop humans from surviving and thriving.

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  1. Martha - February 4, 2018 at 7:05 pm Reply

    I like the idea of the sun being something from a long-ago era, like dinosaurs. But I do think it would really be awful to have to live underground like that.

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