Humans End, Cats Begin

Domestic cats are told “no” probably more than any other pet humans had. One can imagine that cats were not too disappointed when humans begin quickly disappearing due to a virus that only affected their species. Cats could finally live. Many around the world were locked into houses from which they could not escape, but the thousands, or perhaps even millions, that had cat doors, snuck out, or did not have an “owner” were free.

No trains, cars, or busses were in movement, preying on cats that were walking across busy streets or tracks in order to be home in time for dinner. That was something that was forced on them. No species has their meals at 7:00am and 6:00pm every day, before and after work. Cats do not work. Hunting time is whenever the prey is out. And no, prey is not a feather attached to a string.

Cats have proven themselves capable by hunting birds and bringing them to their owners. Once they realized the humans were no longer providing food, they stopped bringing those birds to the doorstep. Dogs were not able to survive as well without humans. No food was being provided, and the trash cans quickly emptied as all the animals that escaped their houses swarmed to them. There was no more need to swat at an animal that got in their faces, barked, and licked everywhere and everything.

Of course, cats were not being spayed or neutered anymore. The population


Cats are in no way equal in the knowledge that humans once had, but they became very capable of overtaking the animal kingdom. Even though they are relatively small animals, the number of them left cats as ruthless animals. The population of birds, mice, and other small rodents were shrinking at alarming rates. It would likely lead to a decrease in the cat population as food shortages start, but that was no concern to the cats. After all, when did they ever study science? There was food in that moment, and that is all that mattered.

Decades came and went. The cats ended up stabilizing in population, the dogs and humans are gone, and birds spend a lot more of their time high in the sky, where cats are not. Cats were able to evolve in a way that humans had previously prevented.

It is the year 2300, and one cat, who is unnamed, would learn to multiply in only a few short months. Math, although not called that, would change from how many more birds should be caught to survive, to how many birds they had altogether if each cat caught ten.

They may not have fingers to write with a pencil, but they created their own intelligent language. Colonies of cats claimed land as their own, and hunting suddenly was not necessary. They had learned how to create traps, and collecting prey from a trap is much less time consuming than having to catch it. Once the cats had more free time, they would be able to evolve any more.

Their story began similarly to humans’. Free time leads to innovation. Only this time, the species that was innovating was wise enough to do so without harming the world, and their species with it. Cats would live for many thousands of years, until a new ice age came, but that is another story.


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  1. Martha - February 4, 2018 at 7:07 pm Reply

    I think cats probably would do a much better job of managing our planet than humans.

  2. Jillian - February 6, 2018 at 2:58 am Reply

    I love this. I hope cats take over the world.

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