Need For Zombie Hot Sauce

Amazon would not let me write a review since I have never purchased anything, but here is what I would write.

I cannot begin to tell you how ironic and useful this hot sauce has been. I spend most of my time hiding from zombies, but now I am able to peacefully eat while staring at even more zombies. I must admit that I was never a fan of hot sauce before the apocalypse, but all of the tasteless food has left me grateful for this saucy treat. A little bit goes a long way in flavoring up the snakes, bugs, and plants I have been eating (I ate all my canned food within a week).

Money is not valuable anymore, but it would be worth the $29 if you have it. It would even be worth a day’s amount of food. Life has been so bland the past few months, and this hot sauce helps spice it up for a few minutes while I eat. This product deserves 5/5 stars, and anyone who says otherwise has clearly not been stuck eating bugs for months on end!

If anyone else still has internet access, please buy this item. I don’t think Amazon is still doing two day shipping, but maybe you could go to an Amazon factory and just take it. (Honestly, who is buying hot sauce right now other than me?) Put the box in front of your face when you walk out, and maybe the zombies surrounding the building will think you’re one of them!

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