Psycho the Superhero

I go by Psycho. After all, that’s what everyone has been calling me since middle school. However, I don’t notice anyone laughing after they call me. Not since the apocalypse. I am a psychic overseer, and I use my ability to warn people when the zombies will be arriving where they set up camp. I personally live in a hammock because zombies can’t climb trees, but don’t tell anyone that.

This is a picture of my hammock, completely enclosed so zombies and bugs don’t bother me. Since everyone else is in cars or regular tents, they call me for help. The people I help might not be the sharpest tool in the shed.

I have always believed that by helping someone else today, you may also be helping yourself. Since I tell them how many days, or hours, they have to break camp and move on, they like me. I am “paid” mostly in food, but I will occasionally be given items like a deck of cards, which I play with in my hammock while they run from zombies. There’s no I in team, but there is one in zombIe, and I don’t want to be eaten by one.

I suppose some may describe me as sarcastic. I’m often told that I hit below the belt with my comments, but is anything honestly inappropriate when everyone is constantly running (well, walking quickly) for their lives? Being called Psycho doesn’t exactly mean I was well-liked as a kid, but the phrase makes it seem a little less odd that I live solitarily and that I am able to use my mind to see where zombies are and where they will go.

I do not wear a cape, but I am one step ahead at all times, and I have gained a tremendous amount of respect. I do not have to find food since it is provided to me, and life couldn’t be better. Well, it would be if zombies didn’t stand below my hammock all night. They are not quiet, and I need my sleep. After all, who would believe that a tired 18-year-old is a psychic overseer?

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