Writing The End

I began this week with several Daily Creates. The short story wasn’t my favorite (and is what I would change for the week), but I loved the other two I chose.

I spent a long time thinking of what was backwards in Simpson Library as I sat on the couch, and then I saw the atlases right in front of me. This joke immediately came to mind:

And, of course, I can’t leave out the generated “compliment!”

It was easy to choose a novel; I read part of California last week and loved it. However, I found it difficult to choose two short stories. I ended up picking what I believed to be the shortest two, but I ended up finding a common theme of what the world might be like without humans. Read my thoughts more in detail here.

I am most proud of my alternative ending to Finis. All I could think about as I wrote it was The Hunger Games, and I tried to include the “apocalypse” as not actually being the end, as I have noticed in several of the stories and videos we have watched throughout the past three weeks. You’ll have to read my ending for yourself, but think District 13!

Along the same theme, one of my additional stars was a short excerpt I wrote about cats being the leaders of the world rather than people. I’m not sure that cats would be the species to dominate, but the concept of any creature other than humans is extremely fascinating. Maybe it would be gorillas, rabbits, worms, or grass. It is impossible to know, so any animal could fit this narrative. Any story can make sense if you try to add some sort of logic into it!

I crammed a lot of the week’s work into today (my superhero story, my Amazon review, commenting on others’ posts, adding categories and a menu), but I’m hoping my work does not seem rushed! I like the design of the menu at the top of my website, but I’m not sure if I should remove some of the categories until I actually use them. I probably won’t change it before tomorrow at midnight (I want to make sure it’s obvious I created the other categories), but I don’t think the huge list is as aesthetic as I would like it to be.

To address the question of the week, I did not even have to think about it. I would hoard supplies for myself and a few loved ones. My main reason is that I am greedy, and don’t want to run out of supplies I need to survive so that both I and the person I “helped” can die days later. However, I see this similarly to sharing a piece of gum. Once one person sees that you’re sharing, everyone will want some. I can easily see myself giving away all of my supplies if I begin to give out a few. I would, however, tell people where I found certain items so they can go find more for themselves.

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