Government Made Virus

The E.N.D. virus is not what we thought it was. Originally, I suspected that some virus came to America from a foreign country. After all, how many international flights are there each day? However, after inspecting some evidence and a few radio shows that were aired, I believe that the government created this virus. Of course, I doubt it was released on purpose, but there is no way they could let the public know that they caused this. There would be no more trust in government. They just want it to go away.

My first suspicious was when this emergency broadcast asked people to “report to the following location” if they “experienced any of these symptoms in the past 72 to 96 hours.” As you can hear in the broadcast, the location is not audible. Although containment of a deadly (and quickly spreading) disease seems like common sense so that it won’t spread more, some people don’t believe in this virus at all.

In the Apocalyptic Airwave radio show, there was a series of explosions that left everyone in the area either dead or hiding within a small community. They never learned what caused these explosions, and Carson suggested that the government may have caused them to keep everyone contained.

This seemed irrational to the rest of the group, but this community really is contained. The radio show W-END 106.3There were a few people who called in and believed that the entire disease was a hoax because they personally do not know anyone who is missing or sick. There have been explosions that decimated entire communities, but people are still in denial. They are completely unaware of the injuries that have taken place and the people who are missing.

This piece of evidence is a letter that has been decrypted:

M. Rausch

Interview subject one scores a fifteen on the end survey. Answers raw animal meat and blood to non traditional food and drink presumed infection of type A mutation. Recommend isolation and possible termination.

Interview subject two scores B four and C four on the end survey. No infection noted.

Interview subject three scores A six, B nine, C three, D three on the end survey. Presumed infection of type A or B mutation. Recommend isolation and further study.

Interview subject four scores D five on the end of survey. Possible infection. Recommend further study.

Rausch is a government employee who was asking questions about some people, including a few in the Apocalyptic Airwave radio show who have since been contained. What if these interview subjects are not individual people, but communities? Or cities? Subject one is recommended for isolation or termination. Isn’t that exactly what happened to the people in that radio show? The explosions killed off many people, and the rest were isolated.

This evidence lines up way too well, and I can only imagine what will (or has) happen to subjects three and four. Are the other radio shows related? Subject two seems to be those in the W-END 106.3 radio show, and they don’t even believe what is happening. Will anyone be able to save the country (or world) from the government?

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