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I found End Day interesting in what they qualified as an apocalypse. I always envisioned it as the end of the world, where all of mankind is destroyed. However, this film defined the “end” as events happening in specific areas, such as tsunamis in New York and the East Coast, nuclear weapons, and meteors. For all of these, I would try my best to escape the impacted area, but I would make sure that I spent as much as my, possibly very limited, time with those I love. The scenario that would truly frighten me is the virus. People travel around the world daily, and it would be extremely easy for millions of people to be killed around the world because of this. Illness is not something you can run away from, but it is slow enough for you to know you will eventually die.

Before discussing Routledge’s article, I would like to acknowledge that it took me half the article to realize that “sf” is science fiction! The thing I noticed most from this article is how long the apocalypse genre has existed. For hundreds of years, people have discussed “the end,” and the fundamentals of the genre have not changed. I find it interesting how even though society has changed so much in these years, the idea of the end of the world has not.

I decided to read an excerpt from California, and loved it! I will continue to read this book. I have never been in love with the idea of sitting there for 90 minutes watching a few people shoot zombies, but I love following people’s stories. Frida and Cal, the main characters, seem to lead fascinating lives that just happen to be post-apocalyptic. I must admit that I was frustrated that the expert ended mid-sentence, and it would be interesting to see how a pregnancy, and later child, would fit into the (post) apocalypse, and how that infant’s childhood would be similar or different to the ones I, and others my age, had.

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  1. Martha - February 2, 2018 at 7:10 pm Reply

    I hope you like California. I’m finishing it up right now, and I’ve enjoyed it.

    A couple of people have commented on the fact that the scenarios in End Day weren’t truly apocalyptic, but much more localized. I think that’s a fair criticism. I wonder if they just didn’t have the time (or money) to tell them on a larger scale.

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