California 12

This week was one of my favorite yet! I was beginning to think we wouldn’t do anything substantial with the novels we read, and I have been desperate to share for weeks.

I began by creating an alternate ending to California. You can read what I wrote in my blog post, but I essentially did not think the ending captured Frida’s personality well. She transformed into a stay at home wife very suddenly, and she has always seemed like someone who has been take charge; although she would do anything to protect her family. My ending makes her transition smoother. Looking back, it would have been nice to write my new ending in Canva so I could make it look like a page in a novel rather than just text in a blog. I didn’t think of this at the time, but it would have been much more fun and realistic to do this!

I then created a finsta for Cal, Frida’s husband and other main character. Cal’s main concern was always Frida, so I made sure his Instagram page reflected that. These pictures tell the chronological story of their journey after the apocalypse, and feel free to read my post for more details on what each picture represents!

The only thing I would change for this post is finding a new picture for Frida. I wanted to stay on Pixabay, but they lacked a picture of a young woman in the woods with color. Other than that, I was happy with the outcome of this assignment!

I ended my twelve stars (well really thirteen since I did 4 + 4 +5) with a conversation between two characters. I originally wanted to choose a conversation between Cal and Frida since they are the main characters, but I chose one between Frida and Anika instead. Anika had a decent size role, and this conversation talked about how the Community originated. For this assignment, I wish I had done a better job editing the sad music together, but I was otherwise happy with this one as well!

I ended the week by gathering evidence and came to the conclusion that the government created the E.N.D virus and is now trying to control it.

I loved the many choices we were given this week, and it was not difficult at all to find some assignment I really enjoyed doing. I think my work this week was pretty high quality, and I’m sitting on the edge of my seat to find out what we will be doing with the evidence everyone is collecting!

To the right of me sits my backpack. I am perfectly fine with this being my weapon because there are many things inside it, and I probably wouldn’t do so well trying to defend myself with an actual weapon anyway. My backpack is also bulletproof (thanks, dad), so hopefully it would be able to protect me from whatever is at the End. I think it would be much more like a shield than a weapon, but I suppose I could give someone a few paper cuts with my notebooks. It’s also pretty heavy, so if I gain upper body strength, I could probably throw it.



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