Des6n Week

This week seemed to have fewer assignments, but the ones I thought would be the simplest ended up taking me the longest! More on that later.

I completed three Daily Creates (I did watch the video, but there were two already created that I really wanted to do, so I did not create my own).

This one took me the longest. I wanted something unique, but had no clue what to say. I ended up with this, but I wish I could have thought of something more appropriate for B. Sure, the apocalypse is probably breathtaking, but that seems to have more of a positive connotation.

These next two Daily Creates certainly reveal how much I love Disney, and I would not change anything about them! They did not take me a lot of time to think of at all, and I even used the color wheel for the hand-lettered quote!


Canva was extremely fun to use, and I have found myself using it outside of this class as well. It is much easier to use than Photoshop, and it is free! Click here to read about my journey through design. DesignBlitz took me the longest out of all the assignments, and scared me the most. I was not sure that I would be able to find five elements in the “real world,” but it ended up not being a problem (I even found them all in one location!) You can see my post about it here.

The design assignments are what I had the most fun working on. My alternative book cover turned out almost how I wanted to, and my character, Winifred,looks just how I imagined her in my mind. However, the six stars that I was able to choose are what I am most proud of.

This lost hat poster seems simple, but I spent a long time focusing on how to make it aesthetically pleasing and trying to incorporate many of the strategies I learned from the Canva tutorials. If I had to change anything in this image, I might make the bottom text slightly different (a more pointed text), but overall, I am proud of how I was able to make a lost item flier look cool.

I honestly have no clue how some people made Word Cloud work, but they did. I wanted a heart, but ended up with this split up blob. Of course I was able to make it seem symbolic in how these individual parts create the whole that is Winifred, my character, but I wish I had been able to figure out how to make any shape work. I tried adding more and more words, but that did not seem to help. I have attempted Word Cloud before, and this is the closest I have gotten to an actual shape. So, I guess I should at least give myself credit for that.

Regarding group formation, I honestly did not follow the rules. I randomly joined a group with characters Cason Gordon, Sarah Thatcher, Alex Whitmore, and Joan Williams. I joined simply because Joshua Jenkins and Rachel Harris were in the group, and I have seen a few of their posts before. Of course, I am looking forward to working with the entire group! Hopefully our characters will make it through the end. Although, nobody really gets to “pick” who is in their group when the apocalypse is actually happening, so maybe this randomness makes it more realistic.

I looked through the comment aggregation and realized some websites really do have no love. A few of them only have 1-3 comments total, so I will definitely be using that to comment in the future. So far, I have just been clicking on the most recent blog post a few times a week, which I am suspecting some others might be doing as well.

My most successful group would be the one I was placed in for my Geography 101 class last semester. It was a group of five students of all different ages, but we never had any problems with someone not doing their work (except for one person who dropped out of UMW completely). I think this group worked because there was an expectation that everyone would complete all of the work. Readings were essential to the assignments we had to do as a class, and we were graded based on what our teammates said about our contribution. This, of course, led to pressure on ourselves and each other to do well. My only problem with group dynamics is when someone decides not to do any work, or assigns nearly all of the assignments to one person.

Overall, I am really excited to get to know my group’s characters, and hopefully survive the apocalypse!

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  1. Elizabeth Finto - February 26, 2018 at 2:19 am Reply

    I love your “Lion King” quote from your Daily Create!! I also LOVE your word cloud! I love the colors and also the ways in which the words are placed make you really pay attention and turn your head to read them! So awesome! It really makes me want to get to know your character more! Great job!

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