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Although I so want to write about my group’s radio show, I will save that for the last part of my post. Three weeks is a long time to not say anything about my work (outside of the radio show), so this will be a very long post. I feel the need to talk about everything I did in detail. I completed four Daily Creates in the past three weeks (yes, I am counting spring break, and now is the time when I try to remember what I did!)

I spent a lot of time designing this *thing* that I would be afraid of becoming. Mutants are much more scary than zombies, and a scary turtle man is not something I would enjoy being. Although, a purple dragon pet might be kind of cool (and scare off any foragers nearby).

I generated the word “human” for Pictionary, but I thought that would be much too easy to figure out. So, I combined “hue” and “man” (no, that is not a rainbow) to create the word human! I showed a few of my friends, and nobody got it without explanation, but that somehow makes it more enjoyable. I probably should have taken a higher quality photo of my drawing, but I was eager to go to sleep.

This was a very difficult daily create for me to complete. I found a layout on Canva that I liked, so the design part was not difficult, but I had no clue what to say. I would want to rewrite this, but I have no idea what I would replace it with. There is no final quote I have dreamed about saying, and there would be so much left unsaid regardless of whatever I wrote on a postcard.

Finally, I decided what the dog was saying on the typewriter!

I finished reading California, and all I’ll say is that I loved the book, need to talk to someone who has read it, and that I’m excited to see how we will address the books in class next week! It was not what I was expecting based on the first few pages I initially read, but it was still amazing, and I finished it much faster than I had planned on. It’s one of those books that you can’t put down!

I know that I always address the weekly question last, but in the spirits of talking about the radio show last, I will talk about that now! If I could become something else during the apocalypse, I would become a time traveler. However, I would not try to change the results of the entire apocalypse. Instead, I would find a way to save myself and those closest to me, perhaps by discovering where a secret bunker, going back in time, and becoming close friends with those who created it, and then live there. I probably could save the whole world, but I would probably go back in time again before doing that just to see what an apocalypse would really look like. It might make for a great research paper (although people would probably assume it’s fiction).

My group’s radio show, Apocalyptic Airwave, is officially submitted. My only complaint about the radio show is that it overlapped with spring break. Of course, my group could have done a better job about being active during week seven before spring break, but for some reason, I assumed everyone would be available during break. This was not the case. I slightly panicked about the deadline, so I wrote a lot of the script (Taylor and Joshua were bigs helps, especially with parts I could not quite tie together on my own) so that the week we came back could be all about recording and editing.

I noticed that it is very difficult to find a time to meet up with people on an online class  since most of us have extremely different schedules. Because of this, you may notice that only four characters are interacting and played by three people, and that one character is isolated from the conversation. Regardless of these difficulties, we managed to record the radio show, create some commercials on our own, and then three group members met to edit. Joshua did a great job editing it, and I was able to give my notes on the first draft through Slack since I could not come to the meeting. Overall, I am happy with how our show turned out, and I learned how to rent equipment from the HCC in the process. I am excited to hear everyone else’s shows, and how they may differ from ours!

What do you think is being said?

You can read my two posts about our progress here and here. The first link is where my radio blurb is if you want a tiny sneak peak! I also took a screenshot while I was listening to our final product Soundcloud!


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