Talking to the End

After that frightening intro video (which I will refer to later), I created my character! I loved the archetype I submitted (The Lover, who still sees zombies as humans who can be saved), so I used it to create Winifred Hart. In this post I spent a lot of time trying to show how good she is. Winifred, Hart, and even her address (5683 for love) all demonstrate the happiness and belief in innocence, even when everything seems to be going wrong. I chose to write up about her past rather than create a resume, which was my second choice, so that I could tell her entire backstory, which I am hoping will explain her later actions if I tell the story right later. This was my favorite assignment for this week!

I did the entire Considering Audio section, but I don’t have much more to reflect on about it, so I’ll just link to my post about it.

The radio was super fun, although I wish it had been earlier. It’s rare for me to ever go to bed after 9:00, and I found myself struggling to stay awake and pay attention by 9:15. Regardless, I was able to understand most of what was going on (although there were a few times when I looked at other people’s tweets and thought, when did that happen?). It was nice to interact with other people in the class live, rather than reading something they write a few days after it was posted. Here are one of my many tweets!

I found the creating audio assignments the most difficult, probably out of everything I have worked on this semester. Frequency 2156 was fun, but confusing, and I managed to create my own post. I would likely do this again simply to add more emotion to my voice. I am supposedly about to be killed, but I think I have the ability to sound more scared than I do in the video. Choosing my own audio assignments allowed me to create an ad for a bus that can save you from the apocalypse, which I tied into Finis and The Magic School Bus. I think that all of my work was of pretty good quality this week, and I certainly learned more this week than any other week, simply because everything was new to me! I also created a short calming audio clip.

I also completed my self-evaluation, but I won’t share all the details of that.

How am I feeling? Well, I finally recovered fully from my sickness this week, but I did wake up Wednesday morning looking something like this:

This was probably because of the jelly donut I ate and my lack of sleep due to staying up until 10:30 at night, but don’t tell the man from the CDC. He seems to think everyone in this class has some sort of inside information. Plus, red eyes + jelly donuts make me look sort of like a zombie. Although, have any of you not woken up looking like this at least once?

The good news is that I no longer look or feel like that, and I’m looking forward to week six! I feel healthy, and excited to see where my new character will take me in this class. My only problem right now is the stress of keeping up with everything I have to do, but that’s all part of the apocalypse.

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  1. Crystal Nmoh - February 19, 2018 at 9:23 pm Reply

    Love the video, it was a nice, I mean scary touch to your post

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