V11eo Week

This week’s assignments seemed to take me longer to complete, but I’m pretty sure that’s just because I had so many things to do for my other classes. As usual, I began this week with some Daily Creates!

This is just a small part of a very long thread telling a story! I was so confused about how to add a Gif to the thread initially. I was on Giphy trying to figure out how to put it on Twitter, but I eventually realized that there was a button on Twitter that I could use.

I also created a playlist apocalypse with some songs that are pretty old (or maybe I’m really young)! I wanted songs that did not have the word “apocalypse” in them because I’m pretty sure I would not want to think about the apocalypse as I’m running away from it. Once I chose my songs, I had to Google how to create a YouTube playlist. Okay, these Daily Creates make it seem like I never use social media, but I use Facebook! Sometimes.

This week I watched Children of Men and made a super cool video displaying every time they said the word “baby.” These short clips ended up telling the basic plot in themselves, which I thought was extremely interesting! With this assignment, I wish I had a better way to record the movie. I was only able to stream it on my TV, and I do not have any way to record my TV without using some other device. I ended up using my phone to record, and the audio suffers because of it.

I also completed my apocalyptic questions assignment and two other video assignments, which you can find here and here. I gave specific details in my previous posts, but I found that a common theme when I create videos is my audio suffering in some way and struggling to learn some new app (this week it was Vine). However, I believe that my video skills have improved a lot since the start of this class, even though I am not a professional.

My favorite part of this week was creating assignments. Check out my post for exact details on my suggestions, but here is one example:

What is this thing? Well, it’s a platyphant. A duckbill platypus and elephant (the ears and trunk) combined. If anyone else drew this, I would probably say it’s horrifying, but I was actually proud of it. I would have liked to drawn this on a blank white sheet so you don’t see that words are on the back, but it was either this or lined paper.

Overall, I have enjoyed the past two video weeks and love how there were so many different choices for what I could do! Spending a good half hour scrolling through all the video assignment options is surprisingly enjoyable.

If I heard that the end began on the radio, I would probably immediately call my family as I continued to drive to the nearest shelter (even though I don’t think that would help much). Of course, that emergency beep would need to have come on before the message and I would expect a few phone alerts, otherwise I would just laugh at what I would believe to be a joke. This would be a good time for me to stop at the nearest junk food place to have a bunch of last-minute dessert, but I honestly don’t think that would be on my mind then. Hopefully phones would still have service moments before the end!

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