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Although my temperature is normal, I have been feeling sick all week. The only good part about that is that I was able to finish almost all of the assignments for the week in one day. Before I began working on the assignments, however, I completely redesigned my website. I was able to customize the theme I chose, and found a cool background picture and song that plays on the home screen!

The first Daily Create I completed was to create a new flavor of Hot Pockets. I chose gold coins. I am obviously not an expert at editing images, but here it is!


I also colored a page in the coloring book (again, I’m clearly not an art person). If I had to complete this coloring page again, I would probably use different colors for her dress. And, apparently, the light pink part of what I thought was her dress is actually her skin and she’s wearing a necklace.

I watched the video about photography, looked at a few galleries, and completed my own PhotoBlitz. The tips given seemed almost obvious to me, but I found them difficult to put into action when I was taking pictures. This is something that I will have to work on a lot more in order to improve my picture taking skills. Here is the link to my post about this assignment!

For my visual assignments, I decided to incorporate a zombie theme in all of them.

For the first one, I had to tell an entire story in five pictures. I describe the story here. If I had to do this again, I would change the fourth picture to show the room darker and messier in order to visually demonstrate how much time has gone by.

My other assignment was fairly quick, so I’ll just link to it.

Now comes my favorite part of this week’s assignments! I love movies and use every excuse I can to watch them. I had to use YouTube to watch La Jetee, but The Road on Netflix was extremely interesting and something I would suggest to others as well! One theme that I didn’t mention on my original post about these films (I didn’t think it was relevant) was that when a scene is emotional, the camera is zoomed in much closer to the person’s face. However, in The Road, the camera was zoomed out extremely far in nonemotional scenes. I thought this gave a better sense of how completely empty the world seemed to be, and is something I had never consciously noticed before in films. Taking the time to actually think about the video portion of a film taught me that movies tell stories through the words and the images they use.

I have never been very interested in gifs (I didn’t even know was a website until it was mentioned in the video), but I do not think they can tell stories. However, I do think they can capture main ideas of stories by displaying the emotion or tone that the story is going to have.

For example, this gif may be displaying half of or an entire sentence. It is impossible to tell. However, I can tell by the woman’s facial expression and the use of words “begging you from my soul” that this film (or story) includes an extremely serious scene and likely has a female main character. I have no idea what the plot is behind the story, the exact genre, or the title of this film, but I am able to understand the emotion in one of the scenes. Of course, this is also under the assumption that the person creating the gif would use a part of the film that was significant to the movie.

Overall, I think that my products were a lesser quality this week simply because I am better at writing than at art (likely because I have had much more practice writing), but I learned a lot more this week than I have in previous weeks. I have never been very appreciate of art, but I learned that taking a picture is a lot more than clicking a button whenever it suites you.

When looking at other people’s posts and creations, I found it interesting how some people clearly have a lot of experience with photos and gifs, while others (such as myself) had to actually Google phrases such as Juxtapose in order to find out what the assignment was even asking. This makes me wonder if we’ll all be closer to creating the same quality art by the end of this semester, or if some people will just always be “better.”


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  1. Crystal Nmoh - February 18, 2018 at 12:39 am Reply

    I could never do all the assignments in one day especially if I were sick, I also found that the tips did not help with my photography.

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