Week Ten Has Come to an End

I began the week with two daily creates!

I am obviously (still) not the best at art and my colored pencil choices were extremely limited, but I am mostly happy with how this turned out. The one thing I wish I had done is to add petals to the head. This was something I didn’t think of until hours after I posted it, but the bat-like leaf-wings were pretty cool!

This one is pretty obvious. I used Canva to create it, and I did remember to use a lower opacity block behind the bottom text to make it easier to read!

I read Ebert’s piece, watched One-Point Perspective, Zooms, From Below, and Editing Examples, which I talk about here. While that article and the short clips did not interest me too much originally, it was fascinating that almost everything discussed could be seen somewhere in the film I watched, 10 Cloverfield Lane. The video essay was actually fun to make, and thankfully the scene I wanted was already on YouTube! I used iMovie for the creation, and had no problems. Although I wish I had a script before I started my audio recordings. I started over each segment at least three times until I had everything worded the way I wanted it.

I chose path one because it allowed me to work around the complicated schedule I had this past week. I did not take the challenge, so I completed two four-star assignments to meet the eight-star requirement.

I tied in my group’s radio show with the animated speech assignment that I talk about here. The assignment wanted me to have the characters repeat a classic speech or poem, but I could not pass up the opportunity to tie it in with the radio show. While I loved creating this video and am mostly happy with the outcome, I wish that I had done more research on moving the camera around, especially in the scene where an invisible character is talking (Alex from the radio show). I also wish that I was more patient. Plotagon, which I used to create the video, has an export to YouTube button which I clicked many many times. I took many hours for it to upload, but I eventually tweeted the video instead. This morning, I realized I had several copies of the video posted, so I deleted all but one. Here it is! I used the exact script from our radio show for this video.

The last video assignment was creating a two minute silent documentary of how to create mac and cheese. I found it very difficult to not add at least music, but the requirements said silent! The editing process was easy, and my only regrets were during the video recording (such as looking at what I was doing through the phone rather than with my eyes, leading me to spill some of the cheese which I should not be doing after how long I have been cooking this food)

I completed my self-evaluation, and am looking forward to next week’s video assignments! I hope they include watching another movie.

I have not thought about what I would want to ask the class, so I do not have a meaningful question. Everything I am thinking of is superficial and something you might ask a five year old….

I suppose something I have been wondering is where people are finding these pieces of evidence. I know that they’re at the HCC, but are these papers and videos just sitting around by the seats where anyone can just grab it? Or are they in a “special place” where only people in this class will find it? If I found a piece of paper, I think I would just leave it there (or perhaps even recycle it if it were there for days), but I certainly would not turn it in to anyone if I had no clue it was for a class!

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  1. Elizabeth Finto - April 3, 2018 at 2:39 am Reply

    Your “Apocalyptic Airwave” video! Wow!!!!! So impressive! Nice job!

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