Winifred Hart

With a name like Winifred Hart, she was destined to be peaceful. Winifred means “blessed peace,” and Hart is obvious. Her parents imagined a world with no poverty, discrimination, or hunger, and Winifred grew up with the same mindset. Since her first day of kindergarten, she has been giving countless compliments about how kind and considerate she is to all people and animals.

She was likely the only person in middle school popular for their personality. Winifred has always considered everyone a friend, and never forgets a person’s name or the many personal stories that are shared with her.

Winifred did not have many life stressors. She lived in the same modest home slightly further than the suburbs for her entire life. Although both of her parents made a lot of money, they donated most of it in order to help achieve their goal. Winifred met many people of all different cultures, and learned to be accepting of differences.

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However, just before she began her freshman year of high school, her father had a stroke. He survived, but his personality completely changed. Her father no longer wanted to save the world, he was angry at it, and he was angry at Winifred. His anger, caused by the stroke, was often directed at Winifred since her mother worked until late at night to make up for her father’s lost income when he was eventually fired.

Most children, especially at the age of fourteen, would believe that these actions meant their father did not love them. That was not how Winifred saw it. She was able to understand at such as young age that it was not her father’s fault that he was no longer the happy and loving person she had known. Winifred believed, and still does, that her real father is still there, he just can’t be seen. She claims that she can see him sometimes by looking into her father’s eyes. He is still the father she loves.

Throughout high school, Winifred remained kind, and ended up actually being blessed with peace, regardless of the difficult circumstances she faced. She is currently only a few months from graduation, and wants to start a nonprofit to help provide food and shelter for the growing homeless population in the nearby big city.

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  1. Neo-Rev - February 16, 2018 at 2:11 pm Reply

    Winifred sounds like an awesome person. I hope that when the end comes she can maintain her peace even when times get tough. We’ll need people like her to help remind us of our humanity.

  2. Anne - February 20, 2018 at 4:13 am Reply

    I absolutely love that you added the meaning of her name! I always like characters whose name means something important to their lives and their story lines. I am definitely interested in seeing where this apocalyptic story will take her!

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